Hi there, thought I would update you on a few new products available in Roller Derby Land.

#1. Smith Derby Knee Pads $119.99


I really like this new knee pad. The feed back I got from the skater was they felt snug and comfortable and they aren’t wide . They are very similar to the SOne Knee Pad in looks and feel.
In regards to impact protection for these roller Derby Knee pads was all positive. The Velcro system is strong and extremely adhesive so if fitted correctly will always be in place and the skater shouldn’t be pulling them up after a fall.

Features and Benefits include :
The shorter pad and flat knee cap both help to reduce bulk and increase mobility.
-Butterfly straps- A quick release system allows easy on and off.
-Removable foam *This gives you the option to be able to wash those stinky lil pads.
-Triple layer foam *Great for protection of those knees and recommended for comfort too!
-Double strap *Top and bottom straps to help secure the elbow pad so their is no movement or slippage.  Used with higher grade elastic straps to help hold into place.  The famous Scabs Adjustable Top Strap we have been known for since 1989!  Great for adjusting for the perfect fit.
-Abrasion resistant material *Made with the top quality materials to give the best protection on the market.
-Removable Cap *Great for having the flexibility to replace the caps if worn down from so much skating!  No need to buy a new set of pads once cap is worn down.
-These are available in sizes:  Small, Medium, Large, Xlarge, XXlarge

Smith Derby Kneesmith derby knee inside view

#2. Triple 8′s NEW Junior Helmet. $99.99 http:http://www.extremeskates.com.au/protective/helmets-kids/888-helmet-lil8

Last weekend I took the  Triple 8 Junior Helmets up to Epic Scrim with me to test them on the junior roller derby skaters. These helmets really have impressed me, they fit every child’s I tried them on so well. All you have to do is adjust the dial located at the back of the helmet and it provides a secure snug fit. The chin strap offers a padded area  pinch proof and for maximum comfort. The feed back I got back was “ohh I like this helmet and it’s so comfortable”. VFM =  Value For Money because they come with extra liners for when the helmet becomes too small.  They also come in various colours.

The Lil 8 lets the littlest riders wear the classic Triple Eight style in a new Dual Certified helmet. Perfect for bikers and skaters, it features kid-friendly features like an Adjustable Fit Dial System and pinch-proof buckle protector. So whether they ride a bike, skateboard or scooter, they can rock it like a pro!

  • AUSTRALIAN/NEW ZEALAND certified – New – Triple 8 now release their Certified Lil 8 Helmet which complies with Australian standards AS/NZS 2063:2008—Bicycle helmets.
    Dual Certified: Complies with U.S. CPSC Bike and ASTM Skate safety standards
    ABS Outer Shell with EPS liner
    Complete with our renowned Sweatsaver™ Fit Pads for added comfort
    Adjustable Fit Dial System to create a custom fit
    “Pinch Saver” Padded Chin Strap
    Includes 2 sets of fit pads to customize fit|
    Ideal for Biking; Skateboarding; In-Line Skating/Rollerblading; Scooters

To ensure a perfect fit, measure the circumference of your head starting in the middle of your forehead and match it with the size below:
18 – 20.5 in (46 – 52 cm)

LIL8 888 helmet

Look at these 187 Junior Pad sets.Kids love colour and the team at 187 Killer Pads have been listening. These junior protection pad sets are not only funky and fun but also provide the design and durability as the pro series 187 pads offering contoured form fitting design that cradle the knee, elbow and wrist offering freedom of movement. I tried these pads on with the junior roller derby skaters they liked the comfort of the pads, winner winner !! I am happy to recommend these pads to all the junior skaters out there.


How gorgeous are these !!! The 187 Jr SHAAB

Anatomy of a Roller Skate

anatomy skate

Knowing which roller skate you have is just as important as knowing  what parts are called when purchasing replacement roller skate equipment. Please note: not all parts match with roller skate brands, some parts are brand specific. We hope this diagram helps you know what you are looking for when ordering your replacement parts.





Which Wheels Should I Buy?

Roller Skate  Wheels how do I know what is right for me, what will work? Skaters repeatedly asking  “What’s the difference?” Below is a guide to technical features and benefits of the different types of wheels manufactured for Roller Skating whether you are skating indoor, outdoors, ramp skating or Jam Skating. Knowing the type of surface you are roller skating on is just as important as understanding the technical features of a wheel.

Below is a guide to help understand the features and benefits of different types of wheels.
Roller skate wheels are made up of a urethane “tire” attached to a rigid “hub”, and the composition of both play a part in how the wheel will roll. As a wheel is rolling, only a small part of the wheel is in contact with the floor at any given moment. The size of this contact patch determines how much friction is created between the wheel and the floor.Just so you know  friction can be both good and bad when roller skating – friction will slow down the speed while you’re rolling, but it keeps your wheels stuck to the floor while skating through the corners. This trade-off between “grip” and “roll” is the fundamental characteristic that is affected by a wheel’s hardness, otherwise known as durometer.

Hardness for roller skate wheels varies from about 80a to 101a on the durometer scale, with most skaters on most surfaces requiring something from  78-101a range. Harder wheels have a smaller contact patch and less friction, while softer wheels will deform more and provide more friction. The ideal wheels will have hardness matched to the skating surface to strike a balance between grip and roll – not so hard that you lose grip in the corner, not so soft that you can’t bring your feet around for a snowplow or hockey stop. Which durometer is right for you will depend on the surface you skate on (stickier surfaces require harder wheels, smoother or dirty surfaces require softer wheels outdoor surfaces require a softer wheel for a more comfortable roll).

A person should take into account their own size (larger skaters will need harder wheels than smaller skaters). Various guides exist matching surface type and hardness to a durometer rating, but with different finishes, polishes, and cleaning schedules your best bet if you’re skating on a new surface is to seek advice from someone about your same size who has skated on that surface before.
The piece in the center of a skate wheel that gives it structure is called the hub. Derby wheels have a hub made of either nylon or aluminum, which also affects how the wheel performs. Nylon hubs are lighter, making it easier for you to step and jump and they are also less expensive. Aluminum hubs are more rigid, meaning that you conserve more energy from each push into the floor. I recommend trying wheels made of both types of hubs, but if you’re choosing your first set of wheels consider going for a nylon hub as it usually is less expensive.

Roller skate wheels are roughly cylindrical, so the two dimensions that affect  the way a wheel performs is known as “pitch” is  the width of the wheel across the contact surface and the height (diameter) of the wheel across the hub.Roller Skate wheels come in varying widths between 31 and 44 millimeters. wider wheels offer more lateral stability and push-off surface.
Narrower wheels are more maneuverable at the cost of a less stable platform and speed.  If you’re new to roller skating, whether you are doing roller derby or recreational skating, starting on a wider wheel means there is  more surface contact offering more stability to the roller skater, as a beginner it can be very reassuring having the wider wheels.
The traditional height for roller skate wheels is 62mm, most roller skate manufacturer offer a  59mm  wheel as well. The smaller wheel  will be lighter and more maneuverable, but do not go as fast as bigger wheels can.

For the novice roller skater using a 62mm wheel to develop skills then when comfortable try using a 59mm wheel so that an informed decision is made when selecting new wheels. Have a look through our selection of indoor wheels to see the difference in size and hubs on offer from the different manufacturers.

Outdoor rollerskating is so much fun, the freedom and wind are very intoxicating, and using a softer outdoor wheel will only make the experience more pleasurable because it is a softer ride and less bumpy going over all the twigs etc. Again if you love the idea of going super fast then consider a wider bigger wheel my favourite is the Atom Road Hogs. We offer a wide selection of outdoor wheels for you to choose from.

If ramp skating is something that you are keen to do, using a harder wheel is necessary so that you get enough speed to get you up the ramp. We recommend using park wheels.




Roller Skating Is Back

Roller Skating is back and is becoming  more and more popular over the past few years. Thanks to Roller Derby re igniting the interest back into rollerskating. There are people who are now reliving their youths from the 80’s when Friday night Roller disco was the thing to be doing and families roller skated together as an outing.  Once again it is so nice to see families roller skating at the skating rinks enjoying themselves and reconnecting with a common interest.

Now there are so many different types of roller skating activities, from Roller Derby to Roller Skating ramps and bowls, street skating and jam skating. Also Roller fit, fitness class on rollerskates is another form of rollerskating that has become popular and on that note have you heard of RollerPole ? This is pole dancing on roller skates. They even offer hen’s nights for those that want to do something different.

Unfortunately there isn’t one type of roller skate that will do all those things without making minor adjustments to your equipment. Something as simple as changing the wheels to suit the environment you are skating will make all the difference to your skating experience.

Before you go out there and start skating why not check with us here at Extreme Skates to see if we can help you achieve the best roller skating experience you can.

Let the “Good Times Roll”


anatomy skateHow do I choose the right roller Skates for me?

We support all kinds of roller skating  here at Extreme skates, whether you roller skate for fitness, recreational or play roller derby. One of the most important things to know  when choosing which rollerskate is best for adult rollerskating, junior rollerskating, keep in mind not every roller skate fits generically perfectly on all feet. That is why there is a large selection of brands and styles. We are certified stockist for Riedell, Moxi Crazy Skates, Bont, Suregrip,Antik, Jackson and few more so have a large variety for you to try and choose from.
Like everything else, roller skates come in different shapes sizes and have a variety of different features. This is where Extreme Skates comes into it, we have been retailing roller skates for 15 years and we understand that it is important to meet the individual needs of the skater.
We understand it is a daunting experience choosing the correct roller skate that is why it is best to come in and allow the staff to go through the options with you, giving you the confidence to make an informed choice, avoiding the impulse buy online will save you dollars in the long run.
There are a few things to remember when choosing the right roller skate regardless if you are beginner or not, without getting too technical.

  1. The Fit: It is very important to take the width and length measurements when determining the right fit.  If you have a wide foot and a narrow heel then those things must also be taken into consideration. As too much room in the heel section  will cause you to grip with your toes and you could end up with shin splints
  2. The style of boot: There are so many different styles, high top boot, low cut boots, boots with open toe box and many more. Boots with heels boots without. Vinyl boots, leather boots, suede boots. All these have their own features and benefits.
  3. The plate on the roller skate: Aluminum versus Nylon… The plate which is attached to the sole of the boot holds everything together and is responsible for the overall roller skating experience.  An aluminum plate is usually a technically more advanced plate and is structually strong too. One of main differences between a Nylon Plate and an aluminum plate apart from the cost, is that the Aluminum plate doesn’t allow for any move under the boot therefore keeping the skate and foot as one. Avoiding unnecessary flex is key to a steady fast skating experience. Also a nylon plate helps reduce the overall cost of the rollerskate. Many skaters will start with a nylon plate and then upgrade to the aluminum when they feel they can’t progress with their skating.
  4. The Materials; A leather boot will always fit better as it will eventually mold around your foot like a glove, and when looked after should last longer than vinyl boot. There is definite connection between cost and quality. A vinyl boot tends too not feel as soft and it will wear out much quicker than a leather boot.
  5. Rollerskate Wheels: We like to discuss what type of roller skating a person will be doing so that we can make sure the right wheels are being used. For example, an indoor wheel isn’t recommended for outdoor use, however, and outdoor wheel could be used indoors, depending on the conditions.
  6.  Which Brands are Best? : Every brand has features and benefits on offer at the end of the day there is the value for $ to take into consideration and I always say “Buy the very best you can within your budget!”

Christmas Gift Ideas

collage (2)

Christmas Shopping Gifts

It is that time of year where we scratch our heads and wonder what we can give that is great value and a worthwhile gift. I always love to give a gift that is useful and can be used regularly. We all have too much stuff that is tucked away in draw somewhere.

Often I have customers who come in here and would love to get everything they want but of course there is always the “must have” and the “Wish List”.

With that in mind I have created a “Gift List” of a few items that would make great gifts and be appreciated by other skaters. There are a ton of accessories available on line at extremekskatesrollerderby.com.au.

Notorious Red  Kills bacteria and fungus which cause odor and leaves a mild, fresh peppermint scent once dry. A must for every skater, not only does it refresh all your protective padding but it will help it last longer as it reduces the amount of times knee, elbow and wrist guards need washing.
Bruised Skate Noose  Is a strap that holds roller skates, loops  through the front wheels and sits on your shoulder. No longer will you have to jam them into your smelly bag with your sweaty pads, your skates HATE this! Keep them aired out AND show them off with a skate noose!
Derby Ice – Instant Cooling Towel These towels are amazing – last up to 4 hours – if you haven’t tried this products they are a must, every Derby skater should have a Derby Ice towel. The Roller Derby Ice Towel comes in red, green blue and black. Great for putting around the neck to cool down!
Roller Derby Bearings Every roller skater appreciates new fresh bearings. There are a variety skate bearings to choose from. My recommendation is to choose bearings that suit your budget.
Bearing Wash The Bearing wash we recommend is complete system designed to efficiently remove particles and contaminates from your bearings.  The wash bottles make cleaning bearings so easy, they are a clever unit that hold the bearings allowing you leave them sit for in the fluid making it easy to pull the bearings out when they are clean.
Bearing Lube Everyone’s bearing get grimy and cranky. An easy way to fix them is lube them up. It is important to use a high grade quality lube to give them a boost.
Wheel Bags all skaters love wheel bags.  There are a variety of wheel bags to help skaters keep their wheels organised. So many different styles and colours to choose from, Crazy wheel  bag holds wheels in a tube style,  Radar wheel bags hold 4 x 4, Atom wheel bags hold wheels in a cube shape with a clear top making it easy to identify your derby wheels.
Skate Bags There are so many to choose from, and I don’t think you would make a bad decision which you choose as they all have features and benefits suited for the roller derby skater. There are bags on wheels, Antik Bont Riedell Bont Radar and Atom all have a great selection to choose from. If you prefer  backpacks  there are a few to choose from by Riedell  Atom and the very popular Zuca bags you can sit on, always handy when there isn’t a chair to sit on.
Derby Jam is a handy product  to help with anti-inflammatory for pain & swelling associated with bruises, aches, sprains. Comfrey (Knitbone) is a cell proliferate, it speeds up the natural replacement of cells in the Comfrey (Knitbone) is a cell proliferate, it speeds up the natural replacement of cells in the body, supporting the healing of broken bones, sprains, strains , muscle soreness, old injury, arthritic aches and pains, swelling in the body.



-Roller Derby Gear

Roller Derby Gear…what do I need to get started?

To start roller skating with a roller Derby League, a skater needs the following items as a minimum:

  1. Roller skates
  2. Helmet
  3. Knee Pads
  4. Elbow Pads
  5. Wrist Guards
  6. Mouth Guard.
    All of the above can be bought in a pack also known as a Fresh Meat roller Derby Pack or you can buy your Roller Derby gear as single items and custom them to suit your individual needs.
    I have found the best way to get your Roller Derby gear is to work within your own individual budget and get the best you can with it. Dealing with a retailer specialising in the sport and asking the right questions about the derby equipment is usually the safest way to go and less chance of making a mistake.
    Roller Derby has a few different elements as do most sports, roller Skating ability, which you get from your coaches in the leagues, fitness, which is up to the individual and then there is the equipment. It is so important to have the right size roller skate on your foot. The boot needs to fit the whole foot, not just the length. The width of the foot and the shape and width of the heel need to be considered for the perfect fit. An imperfect fit creates so many problems and will never enhance a skater’s ability to skate to their maximum potential. That is where I come into the picture. I am a qualified roller skate boot fitter and have been looking after Roller Derby skaters for 10 years now. I take a lot of pride in my profession and really enjoy helping skaters roller skate to their maximum potential.
    when it comes to protective padding, Knee pads, Elbow and Wrist Guards once again there are different levels of impact protection, there is a definite correlation between what a skater spends and the level of impact protection. Once again these are the sort of things I go through with my customers. We stock all the major brands at Extreme Skates roller Derby, like TSG, S One, 187 Pro Derby, Atom Elite, 888 (Triple 8)  and many others too.
    Helmets, wow where do I begin, please please make sure the helmet is fitted correctly. I see so many roller skaters wearing helmets incorrectly . The helmet should sit, 1 inch above the eyebrow and must sit forward so it can do it’s job and protect the skaters face. (See image below.)correct way to wear a helmet The helmet should go on like a vacuum snug but not so tight it gives you pressure anywhere on your head. Also make sure you purchase a helmet that meets the Australian Safety Standards. We stock all the major brands, TSG, SOne or S1, 888, Bauer and Pro Tec Helmets.
    We are always here to advise you when choosing your Roller Derby Fresh meat pack or upgrading any part of your rollerskates, so that you have the confidence to make your own decisions.Not sure about Extreme Skates Roller Derby? go to our Facbook page https://www.facebook.com/ExtremeSkatesRollerDerby/ read what people say about us.Thanks for taking the time to read my blog on what you need to play Roller Derby, I hope it has enlightened you and given you the confidence to come and chat to us.

Do I have to be able to roller skate to Play Roller Derby?

Roller Derby. It’s a sport, right? I played a lot of sports when I was a child, but I don’t recall and prerequisite to already own a skill before I played. When we first start something, anything, we have to learn the fundamentals. Roller Derby is no different. Pro athletes don’t come out of the womb able to throw a ball, they must work at it.
The amazing thing about Roller Derby is that anyone can have a try. There must be an amazing statistic out there that has a tally on the  roller skaters that could roller skate before they started roller derby, but in my career, I’ve met many more that haven’t.
I, myself started Roller Derby having never been on roller skates before. The first little while was a bit crazy. They don’t often tell you about the shin splints, the lower back pain and the blisters… they don’t tell you about the bruises, but the bruises are the best fun you can have as a fresh meat skater! (Fresh Meat skater = newbie)

But back to the question… Do you need to be able to roller skate… the quick answer is NO!

Most leagues around you will have an induction, known as fresh meat program. Due to the amount of skaters and leagues around most teams won’t run a try out to join Fresh Meat. In FM you will learn all the fundamentals of Roller Derby, how to roll, how to stop, the blocking skills and the jamming skills. It can be a very long program, but it is regulated by certain safety standards so as to not let people play the game if they aren’t safe. These safety standards can be found here – https://wftda.com/news/wftda-updates-minimum-skills-requirements
It can absolutely helpful to you if you do give roller skating a go before you join a Roller Derby league, whilst the brilliant trainers at your new league can help teach you the  roller skating skills, it’s always great to get a feel of having some wheels on your feet before you go ahead to start learning to stop! After you have a little roll at a skate rink a few times, hit up your local team and give it whirl!
This sport was founded on women who wanted to play a team sport, we all had to start somewhere… why don’t you start playing today today?
For any information on skate gear or equipment required to play Roller Derby please head over to our website www.extremeskatesrollerderby.com.au. Or pop in store and visit us at 14 Parkview St, Milton, QLD, 4064.

To contact
email :sales@extremes.com.au.
Phone 07 336827865

Written by Jambi, Sun State Roller Girls.


Open Season 2016

openseason top

Words By Jambi Stanton


With Open Season kicking off this weekend, we were excited to have a quick chat to Unforgiving Bunny from Brisbane City Rollers. Bunny is the QRDL rep for her league Brisbane City Rollers and is also a founding member of QRDL.


How many teams are involved in Open Season in 2016?

This year we have 8 leagues and 12 team involved.

How does OS differ this year?

Open Season started in 2012, with 4 leagues and 7 teams. This will be the 5 year of Open Season and each year we have added more leagues and teams to the competition.

What are you most excited about for OS this year?

Every year we are working on tweaking the structure to try to achieve the most well matched and competitive season for all the teams. Last year we introduced 2 divisions and this year we have the potential to have 3. This is an exciting development as it will provide a great opportunity for teams at various levels to get the most of their season.

How has OS benefited the SEQ RD community in your eyes?

At an individual level, Open Season gives skaters with the ability to play regular competitive interleague games across a whole season. Open Season provides the infrastructure for regular interleague games that mean something more than just a single match up. Before Open Season, other than one off interleague games, leagues only played themselves in very limited seasons of 2 or 3 teams all from within their own club.

This shift is also directly contributing to the sustainability of roller derby generally. We need more people who want to join and then keep playing roller derby. There will and should always be space for the elite level of play but for the sport to last we need to also make opportunities for all levels of derby to be enjoyed. By having various competitive divisions Open Season does that.

Finally Open Season is really fun! It’s a great opportunity for the SEQ derby community to get together once a month or so and enjoy this sport we all love together.

Round one of Open Season kicks off on the 1st of March, at Ipswich Showgrounds. Don’t forget to pop in store or check out our website (www.extremeskatesrollerderby.com.au) for all your derby supplies.

Why Do I Need To Know My Rollerskates?

Do You Know all the parts of your Rollerskates ?

plate diagram labelled

Why is it important to know your gear you ask? There a few reasons why a skater should know their gear. It helps to understand the mechanics or your equipment to improve the quality of your ride. All the parts that make up your skate have specific names. It helps us help you, when we get a call asking for a part that is round and “kinda” skinny with four sharp sides??? Hmm then the fun begins.

We then have to go through a process trying to find exactly what that part is. It is also important to know that some parts are brand specific. Therefore knowing what type of skate, plate you have helps. On the subject of parts, there is a huge benefit in knowing what all the components do for your skating experience. Something as simple as changing a stock standard cushion to a high grade quality urethane cushion will do so much to improve the agility of your trucks and also do more work for your knees and ankles instead of your poor feet forcing the skate around the apex.

I feel like I am a full time professional student going through the University of skating always learning always being challenged by new and improved technology, I find it so exciting to be able to share this information with my customers and helping them improve their skating experience, regardless of their goals.

In my experience, in the skating industry knowing how to change up just a few things on your equipment has impacted a skaters attitude towards skating. They get so disheartened because they believe it’s them, they can’t seem to move forward no matter what and to find that it’s the equipment not performing as it should, is what has been holding them back is always such a relief to the skater. Especially when they were so close to throwing in the towel and giving up thinking it was their inability to actually develop more skills and or techniques.

So don’t give up, ask the right people the questions, discuss your concerns with your peers, or us here at Extreme Skates, between us here there are a few years of experience. If we don’t know we won’t BS you we will find the answer for you, that’s a promise.

Our vision here at Extreme Skates is to “Have a positive influence in the community. To empower others to believe in themselves and to challenge you to become the best versions of yourselves.”

Franca Baseby